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Posted by: Ciavazzaro February 13, 2018 03:08 am
I was looking on the cidb on the page of one of our oldest generici,
and i have read that maybe he is Renzo Stefilongo
I search for him on anica and imdb and he is credited in 3 movies

in Saul e David (1964) this actor is credited as Golia

and here Golia minute 19 and before

And here is credited in Arrivano i titani (1962) as Titano, and here again from minute 1'30'00 with close-up at 1'33'21 and 1'48'49

Looking at these 2 movies, i really think our generico and this man are the same person, only in the peplum he is younger, but the eyes, nose looks the same

so i need your opinion, do you agree that the man in the peplum is the same generico on our site ?
and since we lose (for now) the majority of the photo on his topic, here many photos to make comparison between the generico and the peplum movies

thank you !

Posted by: carlos February 14, 2018 11:22 pm
Do you know the character he plays in Vulcano, figlio di Giove? I ask because, is it for certain these are the same? The teeth seem different, the hair seems a different texture, so we need to check Vulcano for Renzo. How is he credited in Titani? Is Renzo Stefilongo in the closing credits?
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Here is Le 7 fatiche di Aĺ Babà

Posted by: Ciavazzaro February 15, 2018 07:05 pm
Hello Carlos

I have begin to make some search, first in Saul e David Sergio is credited in the titles as playing the role of Golia

For Arrivano i titani, the name of Sergio come from anica website:
in the titles presents on the youtube copy he is not present, maybe the titles are cut, i don't know...

I haven't still see the full Arrivano i titani, but according to Anica he should play one of the titani, but we should check the full movie.

The link for Vulcano is here so we can see

And off course we shall try to see also Le 7 fatiche

About the first pic from Saul e David, do you think he is him Carlos ?, for the first photo (the one from Saul e David) personally im 90 percent sure, especially the nose, and that role is important because in the titles the actors is credited together with the role.

Posted by: carlos February 16, 2018 05:01 am
Mauro, who is Sergio? I watched both of Emimmo Salvi's films last night and as much as I want to identify Big Black Beard, I can't see the actor playing Golia as him, but I'm willing to be convinced wink.gif . From Vulcan do you think the actor playing the leader of the Sicilians, called Udo in my English version, as the same as Golia?
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From Ali Baba, could this be the same actor? If not hopefully you can find him.
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Btw, the first thing I noticed when watching Vulcan is IMDB has the wrong roles for Neptune and Milos. Milos is Omero Gargano, not sure about Neptune.
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Posted by: Ciavazzaro February 22, 2018 12:59 am
This is quite a puzzle, since im not a big expert on this generico.

About Ali Baba i really don't think he is our generico in the pics you posted, for me he is a different guy.

If we look at the teeth, they are very similar in the guy from Saul e David and the guy from pic in Vulcano which you posted.

On the other hand the teeth looks completely different in the pics from Arrivano i titani.

About the name

In Saul e David the movie in which for me the actor is the one who most is like the generico the actor is credited as STEFY LANG.

The information that Stefy Lang is Renzo Stefilongo come from Anica website, which write that Stefy Lang is a pseudonym for Renzo.

So we should see if we think that the two guys from Saul and Vulcano are the same person, and search for another charachter in Arrivano i titani.

So i wait again for your opinion and off course also of the other friends on the forum.

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