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Mon 20-08-18 - 23:03 Emiliano -- Itís just a test tongue.gif
Mon 20-08-18 - 22:13 Ciavazzaro -- Just saw the new grapich, super mod lol ! but i will miss being a serial killer lol
Mon 20-08-18 - 13:56 Emiliano -- (when you post an image between the tags )
Mon 20-08-18 - 13:50 Emiliano -- I'm having a bit of trouble saving images. Use se always the direct link to the image. The syntax looks like this: https://s19.postimg.cc/79gssgjcz/vlcsnap-20...7h46m04s844.png. DON'T USE the dynamic link, like this: https://postimg.cc/image/eus0lqp3j/
Mon 20-08-18 - 13:41 Emiliano -- very usefull!
Mon 20-08-18 - 13:39 Ciavazzaro -- and thanks to them i begin to be an expert on british generici too lol !
Mon 20-08-18 - 13:38 Ciavazzaro -- The website is this https://www.britmovie.co.uk/ like us they have identified hundreds of british generici, so thanks to them im building full cast list of italian movies shot in england
Mon 20-08-18 - 13:35 Ciavazzaro -- Yes sadly on that site the images have gone for an error, but i will fix it soon.
Mon 20-08-18 - 13:35 Emiliano -- Yes, this is very exiting for me
Mon 20-08-18 - 13:34 Emiliano -- I saw something but I did not understand the correct correspondence between the names and the faces
Mon 20-08-18 - 13:33 Ciavazzaro -- i tell you because im quite sure, you will be happy to know for example who plays the neighboor in Tutti i colori del buio and so on.
Mon 20-08-18 - 13:32 Ciavazzaro -- but since now i know their names and faces i will re-fix that.
Mon 20-08-18 - 13:31 Ciavazzaro -- And by the way i discovered the identity of the majority of the british actors and generici for the gialli shot in UK, thanks to another site of fans, you can see that by the link in their topics, i have to fix it, because the images have been lost
Mon 20-08-18 - 13:30 Ciavazzaro -- Great, i will check the site, i remember i was honored to give you my work on the various versions of la lucertola.
Mon 20-08-18 - 13:29 Emiliano -- I reviewed almost all the reviews of that site and I republished something here https://ilcinemathrilling.wordpress.com/
Mon 20-08-18 - 13:20 Ciavazzaro -- The same username of that great website of yours, now i remember, i have saved too tons of material, not everything sadly.
Mon 20-08-18 - 13:18 Emiliano -- Was profondothrilling tongue.gif
Mon 20-08-18 - 13:13 Ciavazzaro -- Great ! Buono will be very happy to see that ! By the way Emiliano which was your username on nocturno i don't remember !
Mon 20-08-18 - 08:32 Emiliano -- Ten years ago we were all involved in that forum too. I have kept all the material.
Mon 20-08-18 - 03:24 carlos -- Memories of the Nocturno forum thumbsup.gif
Mon 20-08-18 - 02:47 Emiliano -- The night C.S.C. boards comes from the grave biggrin.gif
Sun 19-08-18 - 22:33 Ciavazzaro -- Good idea, considering that we have more than 112 male generici and 43 female generiche, it would be easier to found them
Sun 19-08-18 - 15:38 Emiliano -- I am breaking down the Generici among the most famous ones to the less famous ones
Sat 18-08-18 - 18:47 G.P. -- Thank you Mauro!!
Sat 18-08-18 - 18:13 Ciavazzaro -- Yeah and we have so much more ! I begin to be a fotoromanzi fan too lol !
Sat 18-08-18 - 18:12 Emiliano -- I saw that you discovered hundreds of them ohmy.gif
Sat 18-08-18 - 18:09 Ciavazzaro -- You are doing an amazing work, and we have so many generici i understand it is hard lol !
Sat 18-08-18 - 17:37 Emiliano -- I'm still busy creating miniatures. It's a rather long job. Especially for how to insert them in the forum.
Tue 14-08-18 - 22:27 Ciavazzaro -- welcome to the forum G.P.
Mon 13-08-18 - 14:42 Ciavazzaro -- Hello !
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